I have had a stiff neck for some time on one side extending to shoulder. Also increasingly annoyin tinnitus. Nausea occasionally I work at a computer, and I also do gym, which involves crunches and this strains the neck. I had thought that this was the ca

There . There are many potential causes to your stated clinical symptoms. Stiff neck by it self can be caused by extraneous and/or sustained activities in or around the neck area. They can occur with no clear cause too. The tinnitus and eye floaters can be independent of the stiff neck however. Apparently one affects hearing and the other one vision. A visit to your primary care doctor should be in order. From neurological perspective, they could all be from the same etiology, especially if they are on the same side of the body. In the latter case, some form of brain imaging (mri or ct scan) should be considered.