Does terrasil or wartrol really work to get rid of genital warts? I had no warts or any sign of HPV untill today when I felt a burning feeling when I was going to the restroom so I checked to see n I have genital warts.

Even . Even though over-the-counter wart treatments can be great for a wart on your finger or knee, when you have genital warts, you had better see a doctor for treatment. The over-the-counter medications were not developed for use in the genital area and can cause even worse burning and irritation. Give your doctor a call. Sometimes genital warts will resolve on their own, but it they are causing you discomfort, then your doctor can treat you appropriately. Good luck!
See below. Agree with Drs. M and H. You need to be tested for sexually transmitted infections, rather than assuming that you have warts. You may have herpes and/or other infections. If you are younger than 45, get HPV vaccine.
Have a healthy diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, have safe sex, if you do, Wish you good health!