Can my doctor release immunization records to a public school?

Immunization record . Your doctor does not release shot record to anyone unless you request it. Most states have immunization registry where your doctor will enter all the vaccines given, only physicians, nurses, Healthcare providers have access to these immunization records, but if your child is older than 12 years old you need to sign consent before your Dr can enter the immunization in the registry. Good luck.
Not Without Permissi. The doctor needs your permission, but the school , if immuniuzations are required by law can prevent your child from attending.
Permission needed. Not without permission. This would violate privacy laws without your permission.
With your permission. Your medical information & that of your children is private. Many schools require proof of immunization status as a qualification for entry every year & may require a doctor sign off on a shot record. In my state, parents may sign permission for their kids shots to be entered into a state data base & qualifying schools can view your kids shot record in that system.