Can gestational diabetes cause my child to have diabetes?

Yes. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that a baby exposed to high blood sugars in utero is at higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes in later childhood-adulthood. It's important for such children to have healthy lifestyles because becoming overweight or obese increases their risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
No. Your pregnancy associated diabetes can cause transient problems with your newborn but has no influence on their risk of childhood diabetes newborns may have low blood sugar in the hours right after birth. The baby may need IV sugar untill their own system figures it out. This is caused by baby making extra Insulin to handle what your body sends across. Good pregnancy control limits babies problems.
Yes. There have been some association that maternal gestational diabetes will increase the risk of developing diabetes later in life because the genetics and also the diabetic enviroment in which the baby developed.

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Can gestational diabetes cause learning disabilities in the baby?

A study in British. Medical journal cited tests implying that adhd and perhaps learning disabilities may be more common among children born to mothers with gestational diabetes. However, the differences in the results of these tests tended to disappear in the older index group children. The significance is uncertain and further study is necessary. Seek evaluation for any concerns. Best regards.

Could gestational diabetes continue even after child birth.?

Diabetes. The diabetes can continue after delivery but at that point it is no longer gestational diabetes anymore. It is just diabetes type ii.

After having gestational diabetes, does your child have a chance of developing diabetes? My 6yo craves sugar & is constantly hungry.

Yes. Children born to women who had gestational diabetes are at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Recommendations are to help children maintain a healthy weight and be fit.

16wks pregnant w/4th child. No history of Gestational Diabetes. Are there any symptoms that will help me recognize it? How can it be prevented?

Hard to tell. GD is a difficult process to sort out during pregnancy by symptoms, like urinating more often, because you will anyway. Prenatal visits will routinely include a urine test for sugar, and a timed blood test to detect response to a sugar load. As long as you keep up with the routine visits, it would be picked up early enough to help.

I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second child at 2 CM dilated. This pregnancy is much different than my first. I have gestational diabetes, taking glybu?

Your question is??? You have offered up some information but asked no question? Please start over, questions are not linked on the site, so please give info and ask a clear question.

Which is a safer method for delivery; induced labor or c-section? My granddaughter is 19 yrs old. With gestational diabetes. Today with her ob visit they are talking about induced labor to bypass any chance of 'stillbirth' for her child. They have passed

The. The question of whether induced labor or c-section is safer depends on many issues. It depends on the medical condition of the mother and the baby; the estimated weight of the baby; the position that the baby is in; the pelvic size of the mother, as well as other issues. In general, labor inductions are attempted as vaginal delivery overall is safer than c-section, but there are certain situations where a c-section must be performed. I am glad that your grand-daughter is seeing a gynecologist who can help guide her in these decisions.
Depends. Size of baby, other risk factors, mom' s pelvic measurements any other anomalies etc. Listen carefully to risks, benefits, options and timing.