Can a doctor tell if your a virgin I am extremely scared my parents will find out? I just had sex like 5 days ago and I have a doctor appt on jan 17th will she know?

It's . It's possible they would "just know" but the best thing for your health is to have an honest conversation with your physician including a discussion of birth control as well as other risk factors for your general health. Your physician has an obligation to keep these matters private between you and them and they can't really do their best job taking care of you if you aren't honest with them.
If you tell 'em. You did not say what the appointment was for, which matters. Few docs would take the extra time to do a external or internal genital exam on a patient.If they find you have a sexually transmitted infection the issue would be obvious, but diagnosis does not require an invasive exam.Ethically the doc is only required to tell your parents if you are a threat to yourself or others.The rest is private.