Should I be concerned about my enlarged lymph nodes? About two to three months ago I noticed a hard bump behind my ear. It has continued to get larger and I have figured out it is a lymph node. The node underneath it has now began to swell and I have anot

Lymph . Lymph nodes can become enlarged for many reasons. They are often enlarged when an infection is present in or near them.(tonsils are lymph nodes inthe throat and become enlarged when you have a throat infection) when they enlarge due to infection they usually swell quickly an are painful or at least tender when touched. They also tend to shrink back to normal size after the infection resolves. Lymph nodes that enlarge slowly and remain enlarged for more than about a month are more worrisome including the possibility of cancer or some chronic inflammatory conditions such as lupus or sarcoidosis.
See below. Agree with Dr. S.
You may feel the node every couple of weeks, if the lymph gland doubles in size, becomes painful, ulcerates, or other nodes become enlarged, or you develop fever, or lose weight, you should see a doctor.