Can a child with sickle cell disease get the flu vaccine?

Yes. People with sickle cell disease are at increased risk of severe complications of influenza and should recieve the yearly influenza vaccine unless otherwise contraindicated.
Yes. Sickle cell patients fall into the group with chronic illness where a yearly flu shot is recommended. The side effects are not seen in higher frequency in this group and failure to get the vaccine leaves the child vulnerable to both the flu and complicating illnesses which would be usually be more serious in this population.

Related Questions

Does sickle cell trait have symptoms if you have a bad flu?

Not other than flu. Sickle cell trait does not cause usual symptoms associated with sickle cell disease (homozygous sickle cell, hemglobin s-hemoglobin c disease, and sickle cell/beta thalassemia). However, sickle cell trait patients may experieince bloody urine, and at a high altitude (like in colorado), vaso-occulisve crisis may occur. This may also occur under extreme heat and stress. Read more...

What are the symptoms of the real flu for a teenager who did get the flu vaccine?

Fever, cough, aches. Influenza is characterized by the rapid onset of a fevers around 102, a non-productive, severe cough and marked body aches. Sometimes there can also be symptons of diarrhea with the recent h1n1, but less commonly with other influenza viruses. A flu shot is only 70% protective and immunity starts to decline 16 weeks after vaccination. Read more...

Should people that once had guillain barre syndrome get the flu vaccine?

Maybe. There is some association of guillian-barre syndrome with prior immunizations. If the individual with this illness had it precipitated by influenza immunization, would avoid repeating this. If they had not been previously immunized it is not likely this would present a major risk in the future, and influenza can be a very bad illness. Read more...