From right shoulder, down arm having aching, numbness. Tingling, hand numb, tingling and swelling female age 47

Numbness. Numbness and tingling of the extremities are typically seen in peripheral neuropathies. Swelling is a typical symptoms of inflammation. Any history of trauma or rheumatic disease? For a better orientation you need to provide more details! I think the best option at this point is to go talk to your pcp or your family physician.
This. This is not a typical combination of symptoms. The numbness and tingling would suggest a neck issue while hand swelling is not typical with this. So-called brachial plexus or thoracic outlet problems might also be considered. Having said that, a visit to the doctor would be in order with a good history, exam, x-rays and then possibly nerve tests, and MRI for starters. Best of luck.