My wife suffered a sodium hypochlorite incident during a root canal. She was admitted the next day to the intensive care unit the irrigation solution was shot into an extra canal and came in contact with vital tissue that caused massive swelling. She ha

Don't worry. Although this is a very unfortunate incident, it is important that you don't panic. The swelling and the bruising will get better, with time. Make sure that you follow your dentists/doctor's instructions. You many want to ask for a referral to an endodontist just for follow up, although not much can be done at this point, than let time heal the area, and it will.
Sure . Sure stinks. What exactly is the question?
Tissue Necrosis. Naocl is bleach. It is universally used in root canals to dissolve necrotic. Pulp tissue and disinfect. When injected forcefully into live tissue, the protocol is to flush w/ saline asap, get on antibiotics and antihistamines, and incise and drain the swollen area. Warm compresses afterward.