Need to know if its okay to give my 6 months old pedialyte he weighs 20 lbs he went to the doctor yesterday he wouldnt stop throwing up they said make sure he stays hydrated but we don't know if we can give him pedialyte

Pedialyte . Pedialyte is totally fine for a 6 month old. If he is having trouble keeping fluids down, one tactic you can use is to feed him pedialyte from a spoon. If you give him a tablespoon of fluid every minute, it is often enough fluid to keep him hydrated, but not enough all at once to trigger him to vomit. Once he is able to keep spoonfuls down for a few hours you can then try the bottle again. If he is unable to keep any fluids down, or if he develops fever or bloody or dark green vomit, call his doctor. You should also call your child's doctor if you see any signs of dehydration. These signs are: - dry mouth -few or no tears when crying -excessive fussiness -fewer than 3-4 wet diapers/day -no urination in 6-8 hours -sunken soft spot -dry, wrinkled or doughy skin -appears weak or limp -decreased alertness or increased sleepiness -rapid breathing or fast heart rate.