Anger issues with 7 year old boy my child can't get along with anyone friends he shows fits of rage frequently. The kids in school don't hang around with him his 2 best friends don't even want to be with him constantly upsetting household. We've tried ev

You . You should give your child's doctor a call and ask for a referral to a child psychologist, psychiatrist or behavioral specialist. You are not alone in dealing with your son's behavior (i have had many parents come to me with similar situations and concerns to yours). A behavioral specialist can help find better ways for your son to express his feelings and for your family to cope with his outbursts. They may be able to suggest new ways of dealing with his behavior. There will probably not be any quick fixes, but with continual therapy and consistent parenting, he will improve over time. Good luck!
Can . Can you tell us if there is a family member---parents or grandparents or great-grandparents ---who had a similar personality? Anyone with any diagnosis such as bipolar or conduct disorder? Thx.