Is it safe to conceive after bariatric surgery?

Yes. Morbid obesity is one of the 3 risk factors for pregnancy complications (along with high blood pressure and diabetes), so weight-loss surgery actually improves pregnancy outcome. The main concern becomes nutritional, so close follow-up with your nutritionist before and during your pregnancy is paramount. Also, weight gain during pregnancy is limited: 15-20 lbs. Instead of the typical 25-35 lbs.
Eventually, yes ... but you should have regular follow up with your surgeon as well as your OB before getting ready to conceive. In general I tell patients to wait 12 months after surgery to start trying for a baby. Make sure your weight is stable, you have your nutrition under control, and you have received the go-ahead from your doctors first. Discuss in depth with your doctors!
Pregnancy. Yes, at 18 months following surgery. Any sooner can be dangerous for fetal development. We normally recommend closer monitoring during pregnancy.
Easier to conceive. Fertility usually increases after weight loss surgery. We often ask patients to avoid pregnancy in the first 6 months. Thereafter should be ok. In fact, some data shows safer pregnancy when obesity is resolved.