Am I still able to have children @ 25yrs old? I have had one abortion at the age of 22 and now I am ready to have a family n me n my husband have been tryin for 2yrs and nothing. I got off the patch (birth control) 6yrs ago n still nothin. I've tried chang

People . People have children well into their 40's now. It is concerning that you have been unsuccessful getting pregnant if you have been trying for 2 years. I suggest that you get evaluated by a gynecologist to make sure that everything is ok. Your husband should probably also have a sperm count. In vitro fertilization is far far down the road if necessary. Best wishes.
Infertility . Infertility is a frustrating problem but fortunately we are much more successful making a correct diagnosis and then applying a successful treatment. I would like to add several general comments to supplement what dr jeu suggested to you. O we believe that the fertility rate averages about 20% per cycle (month) o if we start with 100 couples and each month 20% conceive then at the end of 12 months, 92% will be pregnant. We find that about 10-13% of the population will not be pregnant after 12 months of trying. O by 24 months or 2 years, then <1% of couples would not be pregnant. Thus, you are far outside the normal range and you should see a specialist. O fertility drops with age but you are still quite young, so early menopause (end of eggs in ovaries) is very unlikely o fertility rates in the us are about 147/1000 women at age 25-30 and they fall to 13/1000 women by age 40. So, don't delay too long. O we have tests to help us understand what is causing you to not get pregnant again. O i believe that you need to get a diagnosis before we can even begin to have a discussion about treatment. O the wrong treatment can be costly and delay success. O you will need tests for ovulation, anatomy (uterus and tubes), egg quality and sperm quality. O most people believe that ivf is the last treatment that they would ever consider but that has really changed in the last 10 years. O ivf is actually the most successful treatment that we have - period, hands down. O young women <35 years old have success rates of up to 75% for the first try! o ivf is not always needed though o ivf is not the most expensive treatment in many cases. You can spend more money on low success rate treatments in an effort to avoid ivf. O we can often provide "refund guarantee" financing for ivf; which means that if you do not have a live baby then you will get a refund of most of your money! summary: o get tested by a fertility specialist o pick the most costs effective treatment that you can afford o the younger you are when you are treated the more likely the treatment will work o do not be afraid of ivf, if you need it then the treatment can be very successful and less expensive than other treatments and faster. I hope this brief summary helps, good luck.