Should I be concerned for my 17 month old daughter who had open reduction for hip dysplasia? Had open reduction dec 2010, began walking at 15 months. Doctor stay ball is in socket as it should be. But says the bone is not growing because the blood flow is

My . My philosophy on second opinions is, if you think you may need one, get it. Don't hesitate. It is always good to get another perspective on things. First of all let me state that it's great that the hip dysplasia was recognized and diagnosed. I have seen a few adults that suffer from the same problem and were never diagnosed as a child. The statement from the doctor about being continuously monitored yet the follow up is in 8 months does seem a bit contradictory. You may want to ask him to clarify this point. I hope your daughter improves. Take care.
Yes. Yes this should be concerning because of several factors: ddh ( congenital or developmental hip dysplasia) that required open reduction @ age 10 mo's, 'blood supply problems' @ this young age is a very serious problem indeed.See a pediatric ors who specializes in osteotomies of the proximal femur and acetabulum... Do your research... Best of luck!