Does this sound like a cold or ear infection and should I take him to see a doctor now? 2 year old boy with nasal, and eye drainage and his external ear is completley red with having no injury to his ear. His nose is stopped up but he seems to be playing

It. It is not common for the external ear to be affected with a middle ear infection (the kind of ear infection you get with colds). An outer ear infection (swimmer's ear) can cause redness and drainage, but is fairly painful. Eye drainage, however, can be a sign of middle ear infection. Since he is 2 years old and may not be able to tell you if his ear feels different, you should give his doctor a call and have him checked out.
Call MD. Give a call to the pediatrician' s office, or go and see an urgent care center if one is nearby. This does sound like an infection and should be evaluated.