Can lasik help people with astigmatism? A couple of years ago, I was told by my eye-doctor that I had astigmatism. I'm currently thinking about getting lasik correction, but was told by some sources that the procedure is not effective for people with asti

You . You were told wrong. We have been treating astigmatism with the laser for many years and is a routine part of treatment these days. No worries.
Lasik . Lasik can be effective and helpful for astigmatism all this depending on your prescription and what your topography shows and how stable your re fraction is. Good luck with your procedure and let us know how you have done!
Lasik. Lasik can correct most levels of astigmatism as long as it is regular and the patient is a good laser candidate otherwise.
Astigmatism . Astigmatism is actually easily corrected with lasik surgery, as long as it is less than 6 diopters in amount, and as long as your prescription is stable. Astigmatism is really just another 'refractive error' just like nearsightedness and farsightedness. It occurs when the front of the eye has a steep curvature in one axis, like a football, instead of being the shape of a basketball. The laser can simply flatten that curve more than the other axis, correcting the astigmatism. Astigmatism can also be corrected during cataract surgery, or relex surgery by inserting advanced technology lens implants. More info about astigmatism and surgery is available at www.2020vision.Com.