My boyfriend and I had sex and we did not use protection except for the "pull-out" method. Could I still get pregnant? I have do not have a normal menstural cycle. Many people tell me that I can still get pregnant. I am not sure what to believe. Please hel

Basic biology. The "pull out" method is based on the idea that as long as you "pull out" before delivering the "load" pregnancy will not occur. However, it only takes a single sperm, present in all the mucous secretions (semen) of the penis during intercourse. You may cut your risks a small amount, but plan for parenthood if this is your plan.
The . The "pull-out" method is not a very good form of birth control since there is sperm in the fluid that is released from the man during sex, but before ejaculation. An irregular period also makes it very difficult to time when you are most likely to be fertile so it's impossible to know when to avoid sex to prevent pregnancy. If you do not want to become pregnant, you should discuss other birth control options with your doctor. Below, i linked to a website with an overview of birth control options.