How long will it take for herpes to show up, and can it show up on your hand? I have an odd bump on my hand and want to know if it could be herpes..

After. After exposure to the herpes virus, it can show up in a matter of days or even show up years later. After you are exposed to the virus it lies dormant (asleep) in your nerves. During times of stress, illness, etc. The virus can reactivate and cause an active lesion. Some people are exposed to the virus and never actually have a lesion. Lastly, herpes can present on your hand, or on any body part for that matter. It is most commonly seen on the lips/oral mucosa, and genital/rectal area. Herpes is very painful and looks like a fluid filled bump. If you want to be sure you are dealing with herpes make an appointment with your doctor. If the lesion has resolved (crusted over) then you should wait to see a doctor. The best time is soon after another one presents. A culture can be done at that time as well as a blood test. Treatment is also available, your doctor can explain your options if necessary. Good luck.