My eyes are changing colors. They have a gold ring on the inner part next to the pupils. I have a boil or abcsess on my neck, haven't been able to get a core out. Taking asprin only, have a great deal of pain. Noticed change of color in my eyes yesterday.

May . May be just reflection. I would have a good ophthalmic exam to be sure that it does not relate to any systemic disease.
If . If you are noticing a ring on the iris, it is unlikely that it is new, especially if it is a sudden change. A rare disease known as wilson's disease caused by too much copper in the body can result in a buildup of copper on the iris and cause a gold ring to appear. It is a treatable disease when diagnosed, so see your eye doctor to confirm the finding in your eye, then see your regular medical doctor.
The . The change in your iris is likely long-standing and you probably just noticed it. I would recommend having an eye exam to confirm that there is nothing else going on. Iris coloration changes would not occur related to your boil or abscess. You should also consider seeing your primary care doctor since you may need antibiotics and/or abscess drainage.