Is it safe to exercise while pregnancy?

Yes. All women should try to be active during pregnancy. If not previously active, then moderate activity such as walking or swimming 30 minutes a day is recommended. If a pregnant woman is already active, then she should maintain that level of activity during pregnancy. There is no heart rate limit for these women, but if they make any changes they should do so slowly.
Yes. Women who exercise regularly throughout pregnancy do very well with labor and after the baby is born. They are less likely to get diabetes of pregnancy and other problems.
Yes. Low risk patients should be encouraged to exercise during pregnancy. Cardio, core, and moderate weight training are excellent choices. Mix it up to avoid overtraining. Check out this efficient interval workout link: hiit workout routine burns more fat in less time http://www.Womenshealthfremont.Com/health-library-general-health-specialists-bay-area.Htm.