What does scarring on heart mean husband had ablation, dr said a lot of scarring on heart what is prognosis for that

Difficult to say. Ablation intentionally creates scar tissue to destroy abnormal electrical pathways that may cause alterations or disturbances in heart rhythm. In this case scar is desireable. In the context of what your physicians said, it may mean scar tissue from possilbe previous infarction which is less desireable. Depending on extent, wall motion & subsequent electrical patterns, it is difficult to prognose.
This . This is a very difficult question to answer. Scarring of the heart is usually from a previous injury such as a heart attack. As far as prognosis, this is something the cardiologist can answer since he/she knows the extent of the scarring. He should continue to live a heart healthy lifestyle and follow the recommendations of his doctor(s).