I am a diabetic and whenever I lay down my feet start burning but when I am out and about they don't bother me at all I haven't been taking my medication on a regular cause it makes me sick

First . First let me address your statement about not taking your medication regularly because it makes you sick. This is the root of your problem because uncontrolled diabetes (high sugar) leads to something called diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage. This causing burning, tingling, and numbness, mainly in your lower extremities, and commonly at night. If you can control your diabetes, this will likely improve as well. In the meantime your doctor can prescribe medications to help ease your discomfort. Please schedule a visit with your doctor, discuss your problems with the medication you are currently on, and try a new approach. If you don't things will only get worse. Take care of yourself.
Diabetic. As dr jackson said , see your doctor and discuss this freely and get a new treatment plan in place . The burning with laying down can be vascular related also.