Will the surgery to correct a chiari malformation get rid of the symptoms forever?

Not necessarily. Depending on the symptoms and type of surgery, this can be very successful. No surgery is guaranteed to reesolve symptoms permanently.
Nothing is forever. Decompressing a chiari malformation may reduce symptoms related to cranial nerve compression, headache and syringomyelia. The surgery does not "fix" the malformation and the results may or may not be permanent.

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I have chiari malformation and we found this on an mri. Another mri for the spine and no fluid was blocked. My symptom get worse. Do I need surgery?

Neurosurgery always . sounds scary. In truth, current minimally invasive techniques have remarkably low risk in the hands of pediatric and adult neurosurgeons. And that's who you need to ask, because the decision is not based on the size, or length, of the Chiari malformation, it's based on symptoms that interfere with a person's daily functioning. Review your MRI's with the neurosurgeon at your first consult. . Read more...