I may need an MRI to rule out brain tumors. Seek family doc first or go directly to neuro? Vertigo symptoms, speech problems, headaches, trembling in upper extremities, pounding in ears. All within last month. Age 33 female. Normal health. Worse withing l

You'll see neurology. You'll see one of us sooner or later so i'd go with what your insurance dictates. One advantage of seeing your family doc first is he or she may know which neurologist would do a better job with you.
If . If you have no insurance your best bet is to seek care from a primary care provider at a county clinic or low to no cost clinic. After a complete history, and physical the doctor will make a decision as to what the possible causes are of your symptoms (differential diagnosis). Based on this additional testing will be done. If a brain tumor is on the list, he/she will likely order imaging tests (typically cat scan first, then an MRI if needed). Your issues could be secondary to an inner ear problem or other neurological condition; all will be elucidated after the work up is complete. I know you don't have a lot of time off but your health and wellness should come first. Good luck.