I have severe headaches. The pain is right above my left eye. I feel pressure first then a continuous stabbing pain. The episodes are coming more frequent and lasting longer. I am starting to get tired real bad with the episodes. Whatshould I do?

Migraines. A migraine is a vasospasm of a blood vessel in the brain. There are many symptoms. The common migraine's hallmark is a severe headache. The headache may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. Sometimes, migraines are signaled by an "aura, " which may be a visual symptom such as flashing lights or wavy lines followed by a headache. Common triggers - caffeine, stress.
Eystrain. It is not uncommon in headache prone people to have uncorrected vision prescription needs. Anything that lessens triggers will help. Sometimes hormonal changes can manifest to trigger these or even other meds you may be taking including too much headache meds causing rebound.
You . You could be dealing with a migraine, tension headache, or even a sinus infection. Since the episodes are getting worse and you feel fatigued, you definitely need a medical evaluation. Please see your primary care doctor or visit your local urgent care center for evaluation, work up, and treatment. Good luck.