Trichoepithelioma I have trichoepithelioma tumors on and around the nasal folds and on my upper lip as well as some on and around my ears. Although I know they are "nested" - is there some kind of cosmetic procedure that would level the surface of my ski

Trichoepitheliomas . Trichoepitheliomas are fairly easy to treat in the office. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area and small ones can be shaved off. The larger ones, because of the higher chance of recurrence are probably best addressed by excision. This requires a local anesthetic to be injected. Excision usually takes a few minutes and a small suture may be needed to close in some cases. Depending on how many of them you have, the whole process can take from 15-60 minutes. They do leave very small scars, however they are usually much more discrete than the original trichoepithelioma that was removed.
You . You can have your trichoepitheliomas treated by shave or direct excision in the office. Which method you'd want to use depends in part on how many you have and their sizes.
Trichoepitheliomas . Trichoepitheliomas are frustrating to have. They can be treated with shaving but will almost always recur because shaving them does not get the deeper portion. It is better to have them excised. This will leave a very small scar but will be far preferable to what you currently have and should be a permanent solution.
You . You can have these shaved off by a good dermatologist or surgeon.
A . A common benign tumor that can easily be treated with a shave procedure or excision. They can recur, the choice of treatment can be discussed with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Occasionally they can transform into very treatable skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma).