I have a growth that is lumpy in my scrotum right above my left testicle. What do you think it is? It does not normally hurt but shots of pain arise occasionally. I have not had it looked at by anyone but myself.

Testis. First of all have it examined by a urologist. Having said that, if it is above the testis, it is likely an epididymal cyst or epididymitis.
In . In general a lump out side the testis is always better than one in the testis ( which could indicate cancer). A lump above the testis could be a spematocele ( often feel like a third nut if it is large enoug), a benign growth on the spermatic cord or could be part of an hernia. People who are diabetic often will have thickened spermatic cord (that can feel like a strand of beads). See a doctor! franklin chu md facs.