What to do after a pinky toe fracture two+ years ago? My moms foot gets swollen and can hardly walk on it. She in pain. Pain relievers not working.

Get an x-ray. Have a new x-ray taken to evaluate the bone. Often times after a fracture one may develop arthritis or a bony overgrowth. See a specialist and get their professional advice.
NEW X-RAYS/MRI. If she were my patient, I would get new x-rays. If they were negative, i would get an MRI of the toe bones. Also, on the x-rays, I would look at the whole foot, checking for other fractures. Good luck. Dr. Latva.
Toe fracture. The first thing to do is see your podiatrist . He/she will take x rays and guide you as to what you need to do.
Get . Get some x-rays and see what is going on.