What is the complication rate of carotid artery bypass surgery?

3% or less. I assume you mean carotid endarterectomy, which is a relatively common operation to remove plaque which is partially obstructing flow through the artery to the brain. The best surgeons report complication rates of 3% or better. When the carotid artery is totally blocked, then a bypass can be created past the blocked artery. This must be done by a skilled neurosurgeon.
Varies. This varies from center to center but a good figure is 2-3%. When I say complication, this can range from minor bleeding that may require additional dressing changes and additional pressure held to the wound; to the severe stroke-fortunately the latter has become more rare than ever because of our monitoring. All procedures carry a risk and the benefit has to be weighed against it.

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Which is the fatality rate of carotid artery bypass surgery?

Low. Depends on where you are and who you talk to, but most recent registries and studies have the mortality from surgery at about 1-2 percent. The waters get muddy when death, stroke, and heart attack are lumped together. All things considered, carotid surgery gives the best long term results.

Left artery heart bypass surgery what are the complications if any?

Many benefits & risk. You are a male 54 and bypass surgery. The society of thoracic surgeons (sts) has many resources. You can expect that the benefits of chest pain, heart function and other will be helpful. The risks of surgery are death bleeding infection stroke. It is a common surgery and has long track record of benefits. Ask your surgeon and cardiologist and friends about their experience. You are not alone.

What is the risk rate on coronary artery bypass surgery?

STS risk calculator. You can estimate the risk with the sts risk calculator. Search "sts risk calculator" on your favorite search engine. Based on many factors; age, comorbodities, renal function, ect... It will estimate the risk of having surgery. For a healthy 50 yo it should be around 1% mortality if undergoing bypass.
Ok. Dying bleeding infection stroke recurrence are all low and 98-99%? Survival and with risk control long term good results.

What is the death rate of coronary artery bypass surgery?

Less than 1% It should be less than (typically, much less than, these days) 1% overall for any institution. If it is more, perhaps they should not be performing the procedure.
Depends. Go to sts. Org and do the risk calculator analysis according to comorbidities and demographics, obviously patients with renal failure, left main, 80's, diabetes, salvage operation for acute coronary syndrome with cardiogenic shock, morbid obesity, pre operative cardiogenic shock, redo operations, concomitant valve or aortic surgery, severe pulmonary hypertension, COPD will have high mortality/morbidity.
About 1%. For a straight forward CABG operation, the mortality rate is less than 1% but as dr. Matos-cruz pointed out, there are many other risk factors that can impact the outcome and raise the mortality rate.

What is the risk rate for coronary artery bypass surgery?

Not bad. The average national mortality rate for CABG is less than 2%. Other more serious complications occur less than 10% of the time.

What is the mortality rate due to coronary artery bypass surgery?

Around 1% Most patients simple bypass surgery has a 1% mort and morbidity. If pts are older the lv fxn is poor or the pt needs valve surgery the risk goes up. Smokers previous strokes and poor health adds to the post op complications. Diabetics are especially prone to post op infections. The sverely under weight and overweight pts have difficult post op courses.
Depends comorbidity. The society of thoracic surgeons risk calculator determines what was the actual mortality and morbidity on cardiac surgery patients depending on age, weight, renal function, number of vessels involved, left main disease, valvular disease, pulmonary function, cardiac function, existing comorbidities, diabetes, emergency, recent myocardial infarct, salvage, first, second third or more reoperation.

I'm 26 years old and I had a coronary artery bypass surgery. Can I get pregnant later and which complications can occurre?

Yes. Assuming that you do not have any other congenital heart issues, and that you are otherwise healthy, there is no reason that you cannot get pregnant without additional risk after having had a coronary bypass.

Any info on peripheral artery disease bypass surgery?

Yes. Very effective when done for selected disease state. Aortofemoral femoropopliteal femorodistal etc!

I would like answers about celiac artery bypass surgery?

Ok. Ask the questions you want answers to and possibly a vascular surgeon or even us Family docs may be able to help. Thank you.