I am displaying classic signs of a heart attack such as fatigue, dizzness, discomfort in both arms, nausea, jaw pain as well as back and stomach pain. I am not sure if it is idiotic to be unsure if this actually means I am having a heart attack. I had fou

By . By the date of this post, almost a week has passed. If you have not seen a doctor already it is wise to do so. The symptoms you described can indicate angina, or myocardial infarction (mi, also known as heart attack). Also, your symptoms could have merely been due to an adverse effect of taking four 5 hour energy drinks. This high amount of caffeine can often mimic the signs of a mi. I recommend you cut down on these drinks so as to avoid any unwanted side effects. Regardless you will need a work up, which will include an ekg (test that checks the electrical activity of your heart), this test can give an indication if there is concern for an mi or risk of one. After a detailed history, exam, and testing, your doctor will be able to give you a likely diagnosis and treatment plan. Good luck.
Could be. Any of those signs is a reason to call 911. Make sure the doors are unlocked, they know where to find you and take an Aspirin if you can. There should be no other option becuase your doctor is not prepared to help you. If you are wrong, you still are alive. To wait, may have a different result.

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Arm pain near outer elbow for a few days. Now jaw pain in left side too, headache and fatigue. Could be heart attack or warning to one?

Unlikely. If the pain is days apart, especially unlikely. A heart attack usually declares itself within 8 hours. Although people can have "silent MIs", your age sorta rules that out. Read more...