I have a white "spot" on the opening to my throat just before the tonsils; what is it? The tissue surrounding the spot is red. I am having a stinging pain whenever I swallow. The white spot isn't on my tonsils its right before them on the opening to my th

Don't stress. The red and white spots could be due to anything from hot or spicy foods you've had recently to a cold or to strep or to etc. Just keep an eye on it for 10-14 days. If the lesions don't improve or disappear please seek professional help. Take care and be well.
White . White spota on the throat are common and most are quite normal. A tonsillolith (tonsil stone) is debris caught in the pockets in the tonsil that can cause mild throat irritation, a bad taste in the month and intermittent bad breath. You can get small mucus cysts. There are some problems with the lining of the throat that can look white, leukoplakia and lichen planus are 2 of them. They can cause a burning or stinging. These white patches should be evaluated bya doctor. Canker sores are also very common. They can be very painful but usually go away within 10 days. If is does not go away in a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks) go see a doctor.