Am I bipolar I have mood swings that can last for weeks and I can get by on 2 hours of sleep sometimes and still be really hyper and other times even when I get 12 hours of sleep I'm still really tired and I ge really bad headaches all the time for no rea

Bipolar. Not sure what the question is, but it seems to me like u need to talk to your psychiatrist about your medications & your symptoms.
Bipolar. If you have ruled out medical or drug/medication induced condition, it does seem you have highs and lows, you must find out if they meet criteria for bipolar 1 or 2 or nos.
You could be. From your description here, you could be bipolar -- but you need a thorough evaluation with a psychiatrist for a diagnosis. It will be important to share any history of drug or substance use as well. Then you and the doctor can work together on a treatment plan so you don't suffer like this. Start with a general health exam with your primary care doctor, but psychiatry consult is also needed.