What is wrong with my anus? I am suffering from irriation by my anus. I have severe itching everyday and believe there must be cuts down there as well because I see blood on the tissue paper after going number 2. There is a constant moistness (yellowness)

Number one cause of. This, pruritus ani, itchy butt, is excessive caffeine. Beer also tends to make this worse as does excessive perspiration. Stop all caffeine and beer and use cornstarch powder liberall to the area several times per day and at bedtime. Caffeine classicly causes the itching especially if it wakes from your sleep at night.
It. It sounds like you have tried and failed many treatments. In cases like this I say now is the time to let a doctor examine you and make a determination as to the cause of your symptoms. You could in fact have hemorrrhoids that are not responding to tucks, (witch hazel) and actually may improve with Hydrocortisone rectal cream. You could have a rectal fissure as well with a superimposed infection. The only way to know and get relief is by having a medical evaluation. I hope you find relief soon.