I've had chronic lower back pain for two weeks now that has spread to my thighs, could this be caused by a stress fracture? I have been to the chiropractor twice, and no lasting results. It is painful to sit, stand and walk. I have also noticed that my ri

Disc. The symptoms that you describe sound more like a nerve radiculopathy. Please seek out a spine specialist, not chiropractor, to examine and recommend diagnostic studies to assess why you are having this pain.
Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... It's hard to identify the cause of your pain without more information. It sounds like you might experience from nerve pain. If your pain persists, you should seek help from a pain management doctor. You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.
How . How old are you? What is your age? Two weeks is not chronic. You are way too general on the information you provide to give you any intelligent answer.

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Is stress fracture bone mets if had bc in 2005, lower back pain is severe?

Breast cancer. Breast cancer has predisposition for metastasize to bone. Bone pain and fracture must always be a consideration. See your physician bone scan indicated. Also breast cancer does not protect you from other conditions that could cause similar sx. Read more...
It should. Stress fracture in the spine should heal in about 6 month, if you still have a lot of pain to me this means. 1-there new problem. 2-there is complications from that fracture. Please check it out. Good luck. Read more...