If a murmur is found in an unresponsive cardiac arrest 5 week old infant, does that mean he still has a heart beat? My 5 week old son died on november 18th and I woke to find him not breathing or responding and he was a little pale. The emt's and the doc

I . I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Are you sure that the doctors didn't mean that he had a murmur in the past and that he was in asystole when the you found him? If this is important for you to know, i'd hope your son's pediatrician would be able to clarify the situation for you.
Murmur=blood flow. I am so sorry for your loss. If the doctors or emts heard a heart murmur, then he had a heart beat. While a heart murmur does not necessarily indicate that there was heart disease, it is a sign of possible heart disease. There are congenital heart diseases that can have an associated heart murmur and cause critical illness in infants. Also, myocarditis can cause a heart murmur.