Obama health care? I am 50 year hold and I like to see a doctor for physical examination but do not have health ins, what do I need to do to benefit from the obama health care reform, where do I go or apply?

Marketplace/Exchange. The state or federal websites where people can go to buy health insurance are called health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges. California's marketplace is called covered california, and is where people can go to compare and select health insurance plans offered by private companies, and to find out if they are eligible for financial aid to help afford the insurance. Marketplace opens oct. 2013.
It. It will be another 2 year until you can fully benefit from the law with the creation of the exchanges. You are the perfect example as to why this law was created. The insurance industry rakes in 700 billion dollars per year in profits and operational expenses while 49, 000 americans die every year. If you consider that we spend some 750 billion dollars per year importing 70% of our oil to move our economy it will be evident to you that this is the biggest rip off in the history of the world. The insurance industry will have their profits capped between 15-20% of premiums which is very generous as compared to the total raping of the us economy they have today. Did you know they can legally collude, that is having monopolies? They are exempt from antitrust laws! Political donations do go long ways for these fellows!