Teenager and depression. She was taken from mother who she been with all her life (15 years.) she was given to father who was abusive with the oldest daughter and who has been out of the picture for 13 years. She is doing poorly in school, always crying,

Needs counseling. She should see a counselor to help deal with the many factors that led to her being taken fromher mother, placement with an previously absent father and the emotional impact of these.
What's the question? Sounds like a horrible situation, but not sure what the question for this site is. If you are the mother in question, you need legal not medial advice. If you believe she is being abused, contact child protective services. If the situation cannot be changed, then the girl needs a psychiatric evaluation and intervention asap.
You . You describe a very serious issue such as an emotional abuse. It can lead to severe depression and emotional trauma. This child and the family need help right away.