What are the possible causes of my thick white saliva that cause me to cough very often? I have been diagnosed with having anxiety and I am currently on wellbutrin and lorazepam. I am wondering if the medication, my anxiety, or something else such as an

See your doctor. The medications that you are on can affect your saliva. Talk to your doctor to see if there are other medications that you can take to treat your anxiety.
Did . Did you have the problem before the medications? Many meds can thicken saliva and mucus--this is typically only a nuisance problem and not a danger. Other causes can be reflux of acid into the throat area (phlegm, throat clearing, cough, feeling of a throat lump, hoarseness are all common with that). If you are having asthma or bronchitis, the foamy stuff could be coughed from the lungs. It may also be normal physiologic processes--we make up to 1.5-2 liters of slaiva on any given day.