I am diganosed wit anxiety depression and I had a baby two months ago and I'm on anti depressants my an anxiety has beenextremel ly bad and I have been experiencing muti symptoms of lightheadedness headaches anger irritable dizzy memory of appointments tr

Please get more help. Postpartum is a very vulnerable phase. Mental health problems that emerge or worsen here can have serious consequences, if not treated effectively and expeditiously. Make sure you are in the hands of an expert psychiatrist, not just your obstetrician. Keep your dr apprised of problems - don't wait to go back or to provide updates to the dr if you are not improving. More can be done for you.
If . If you are not responding or getting worse from the treatment regimen that was prescribed, then you need to discuss this with your doctor. You may need a change in medication or a dosage adjustment. You are possibly experinencing an adverse reaction to one of the medications. In addition, therapy is a good option as part of your regimen. I hope you find a treatment plan soon that works for you. Congrats on your new baby.