I am having incomplete emptying of bowels, straining, thin dark stool, palpable mass in lrq how do I get a colonoscopy w/o pcp? For approx 1 year I have been having increasingly thin dark stools with a feeling of needing to defecate. More recently increas

Unless. Your insurance requires a referreal to a specialist you can call any gastroenteerologist or colorectal surgeon and get scheduled for a colonosocpy sooner rather than later. The change in your bowels and the mass are not good signs and need to be diagnosed very soon so as to give you the most options on management and the best prognosis.
A . A change in the bowel movements in a patient with a strong family history of colon cancer is a very worrisome symptom. Your physician should be able to order a diagnostic colonoscopy for symptoms. This can be done no matter the age of the patient. Screening colonoscopy at age 50 years old is only a rule for patients of average or low risk of colon cancer , who have absolutely no symptoms, to screen for colon cancer. Hope this info helps.