I had sex for the first time on oct 30, then my period on 31, but my nov period hasnt came? And today is dec 2nd, im I preg. Used a condom, I thought I had my period but it was brown hasnt came yet, I have asthma

Get An OTC Test. If you are not sure get a pregnancy test from the pharmacy and do it at home. I think it unlikely but you should still check.
As . As doctors, anytime a fertile, sexually active woman has an abnormally light or missed period, the first thing we do is rule out pregnancy. You can either take another home pregnancy test as long as it has been 5- 6 weeks since your last normal period, or you can go see your doctor and they can test you. A home pregnancy test is 97% accurate if taken a week or more after the missed period, so another negative test would help confirm that you are not pregnant. A blood test can tell if you are pregnant as soon as 7 days after conception and a doctor's urine pregnancy test can tell if you are pregnant around when you next period should come. Other reasons for a missed period include stress, poor diet, weight loss, excessive exercise, and hormone imbalance such as a thyroid disorder or polycystic ovary syndrome. It's important to rule out pregnancy first!