Whats happening to me and what should I do? I'm leaking water or pee I'm not sure what from my vagina and I'm pretty scared, I have to wear a pad and tampon to hold the liquid in because its flowing uncontrollably like a period, please tell me what's wro

First . First of all you posted in ob/gyn, are you pregnant? If so this is an emergency and you should go to OB triage. Hopefully you are not pregnant, i think you would have mentioned that in your post. On to your concern, you need to be evaluated by your doctor right away, a more worrisome issue would be a fistula or it could be something as simple as a uti. Either way you need an evaluation and treatment. Good luck.
Does . Does the liquid continue with a tampon in place? If not, you need to be evaluated for a possible fistula (an abnormal communication between two organs) or vaginal discharge. Neither one of these conditions are dangerous, but should be evaluated by your gynecologist. As stated before, if you are pregnant, you need to be evaluated immediately by your obstetrician.