I have an under arm lump. Do I need an antibiotic or is there a home remedy? I recently took a long road trip. I was unable to shower for 2 days. Also I have had shingles as a young man. I am 24. I also on this trip picked up a cold so I tried a variety o

A . A new lump in that area could be due to many things. It can be an inflamed cyst, ingrown hair or boil, or inflamed lymph node. If the lump is not enlarging, non-tender and you do not have fever and other symptoms you can monitor it at home. You can try warm towel compresses for 15 minutes several times a day. If it enlarges, becomes painful, or you become feverish, you should see a physician. If the lump does not resolve in a week, you should visit physician for evaluation and treatment. Take care, .