I blackout when I turn my head to the left. What can I do? I passed out driving, lucked out hit no one and nothing don't dare drive and my life is really messed because of it. Can't and one help me?

You . You may be a person who has vertebral artery compression on rotation. The vertebral arteries are arteries that travel up through the back of the neck to supply the brain stem and the back part of the brain. At one point they actually travel through the bony part of the spine. Occasional people, especially with arthritic changes in the neck, can transiently block one while in extreme rotation. We used to see this sometimes while doing brain angiograms in the old days. You should be checked out for this possible vascular problem. Another vascular problem that can cause faintness with certain neck and arm positions is the subclavian steal syndrome in which there may be some blockage in the subclavian artery. Have your primary care doctor check you and possibly refer you to a vascular specialist.
See your doctor. Need more details, however it is possible that turning your head is decreasing the blood flow to your brain causing you to feint. I would follow up with your doctor.