My doctor told me I have a colloid cyst in my third ventricle. What are ventricles?

Fluid space in brain. Ventricles are the normal spaces in the brain that cerebrospinal fluid is made and and travels in.
Fluid space in brain. The brain has multiple fluid spaces inside of it. These are called ventricles. The brain fluid that covers/cushions the brain is made inside the brain fluid spaces (ventricles) and is absorbed after circulating through these spaces. If a cyst/tumor blocks flow of the fluid through these spaces, it can create build up of fluid (hydrocephalus). Talk more to your md.

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I have an Acquired Brain Injury caused by a colloid cyst in third ventricle, how do I source help or rehab for brain injury.

See neurologist. The best way to find help for any brain injury is to first see a neurologist. They can recommend the best rehabilitation treatment facilities in your area. Good luck to you.