I have a lump/bump on my groin. It is sower to the touch and it gives me pain when I move leg. What is this lump/bump? It's round and it's in between my leg and the shaft of my penis. It come two days ago but it really started to bother me yesterday. It I

Sound . Sound like you have an skin infection, probably start out as a bug bite. Now you may also have a swollen lymph node in the groin are because of that. Better go see a physician immediately as you can get really sick from this. Franklin chu md facs.
Without . Without an examination, it isn't possible to determine what this lump might be, but there are several possibilities: boil swollen lymph node (a systemic infection, an infection in your leg or foot, an autoimmune disease [sarcoidosis, etc.], some stds, and a variety of other conditions can cause swollen lymph nodes) inguinal hernia (a loop of intestine pushes through the inguinal canal, which is a natural weak area in your lower abdomen) the recurrent nature of your problem makes me worry about a hernia, and tenderness in a hernia could mean it's about to get incarcerated (trapped) and possibly even strangulated (the trapped loop of bowel swells and dies). If you haven't sought medical attention for this problem, call your doctor immediately. I hope this turns out to be something simple!