Is there a cure for juvenile myoclonic epilepsy?

Gone with time. Most cases of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (jme) do have to remain on some medication for many years. There are some cases where they are able to discontinue medication within a couple years of treatment. This is not a cure, but is a condition of resolution of the condition with time. There is no specific treatment that is designed to cure. Medications help control as well as good health habits.
Not cure, treatment. there is no cure for myoclonic epilepsy, but there are anticonvulsants that may be able to control it.
No. There is no cure, but with appropiate ant-convulsant medication, these seizures can be controlled. There are no life-long diabilities with this condition, normal development expected.

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What is juvenile myoclonic epilepsy?

A form of epilepsy.. Usually seen in adolescents - described as involuntary spasms (or jerking) of an upper extremity (such as flinging a comb or a toothbrush) which may, about 1/4 of the time, also demonstrate generalized seizures later in life. Most do not, however. Usually worse in kids that are overly fatigued (e.g. Staying up late/poor sleep) and can sometimes be attributed to "typical teen behavior". Read more...
JME. Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy is a tendency to have seizures. It presents in teenagers and young adults. It includes myoclonic (muscle twitching) seizures and convulsive seizures. Stimulation with a flashing light is sometimes associated with a brief seizure. Read more...

Could I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or just restless leg syndrome?

Different dzes. Jme occurs during sleep or sleep wake transition mostly. Rls (restless leg synd) typically happens anytime inactive during evening or night but you are awake. Read more...