Am I better off hiding the real extent of my psychiatric problems from psychiatrists? I've had major depression for much of my life, including a few hospitalizations. After a suicide attempt five years ago, my then-psychiatrist asked me to seek psychiatri

Full. Full disclosure of your history is key to successful treatment. Be completely honest with your doctor about your past, your issues with previous doctors, and what you think went wrong. Hopefully the doctor will be able to sort through all the issues and come up with an appropriate treatment plan; if not then ask for a direct referral to someone who can help you. All the best.
Don't Hide Anything! Member: you should never feel you have to hide anything from your psychiatrist. If you get that feeling, look for a new doctor. Period. We should be providing you with a safe and open environment, free of judgement. I am sorry for your past experience, but we are here to serve you as your doctors. It is our privilege, not the other way around. I hope that helps! -- dr. Z (the healthy mind).
Why. Would you hide your heart symptoms from your cardiologist? Your doctor needs to know the extent of your condition the best be able to help you.
Absolutely not. We can't help you if you hide anything and that is what we are here for. As others have noted if you feel uncomforatable about talking about anything find another doctor. Most of us really care or we would not be doing what we do. Good luck! Depression is a treatable condition and you deserve to acheive full remission of your symptoms.
Trust & openness. The basis of any relationship is trust. It is important that you build on that, rather than deceit. How can some one get to know &help you, if you do not open up, or be truthful. Being able to learn to manage your condition, and live more fully is an important goal in treatment. If you have concerns, address those concerns.