Raynauds?! I am a sailor who works outside in all sorts of temperature. This feeling in my fingers; when its cold it gets numb and white, started in 2010 the fall season, I continued doing what I do, in 2011 spring I don't know if its a sore but, t

No. . No. Raynauds syndrome is vasospam of the arteries in your hands and feet. It is worse with smoking. It puts you at risk for frostbite. It sometimes is associated with some forms of arthritis. You are not at increased risk of stroke, heart attacks or diabetes. You should wear protective gloves to keep your hands warm and avoid smoking. Best wishes.
Raynauds . Raynauds like symptoms can also occur due to other conditions that are not true raynaud's. Be sure that the reason you are labeled with raynauds is in fact due to another condition. Raynauds phenomena includes raynauds disease and raynauds syndrome the disease is idiopathic or primary or just present with out other cause. The syndrome can be related to certain drugs, tobacco, vasospastic disease , collagen diseases, and even things such as carpal tunnel and even a poorly controlled thyroid and certain types of repetitive hand trauma can compromise artery circulation in part if the hand. Finally poor healing of a fingertip ulcer could be vascular disease due to smoking, diabetes or the combination of the two. Caffeine can also affect your fingertip circulation. A proper and thorough evaluation by your health care provider is warranted if anyone feels they have raynauds symptoms.
Keeping . Keeping your hands warm is a great start. And no you are not at risk for stroke or diabetes. Given your experience as a sailor working in all sorts of weather and likely traumatizing your hands even though they were never bumped or injured, you may have some degree of damage to nerves and/or blood vessels in your hand. Raynaud's itself can refer to a problem that develops out of the blue, so-called primary raynaud's phenomenon and can usually be treated by keeping the hands warm, avoiding smoking and minimizing stress. So-called secondary raynaud's is a bit different and can be associated with underlying connective tissue disorders like scleroderma and other conditions. If, as it sounds, you are having complications like slow healing ulcers and possible infection, the condition needs to get further investigated. Various tests can be done including various blood tests and many treatments are available depending on results of the tests. Good luck.