Is surgery more effective than medications for treating cervical dystonia?

Cervical Dystonia Tx. Botulinum Toxins are the first line medications for Cervical Dystonia & the majority respond to injections. The Type A Botulinum Toxins are Xeomin, (incobotulinumtoxin a) Botox and Dysport. The Type B Botulinum Toxin is Myobloc. They are all equally effective. Deep Brain Stimulation is for those that don't respond to Botulinum Toxin and works very well for 50% of patients.
Not necessarily. Medication, including Botox therapy, are first line choice.
Neither is good. Cervical dystonia is a inability to properly relax the neck muscles. It may be associated with brain disorders, usually of the basal ganglia. If this has been present since childhood and is stable, there is little you can do. If it is a new condition and getting worse, then detailed neurological evaluation is appropriate. Trials of medications or surgery must be carefully evaluated.